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About DHELIXSoft

What is DHELIXSoft?

DHELIXSoft is a student project. We develop software and also work on a game. We are hobby programmers, gamers, idea makers and friends.

What does DHELIXSoft mean?

DHELIX is meant to be short for the double helix; the shape of the DNA-string. That's why it's in our logo.


Oliver Kahrmann - "founderio"

Programmer, Storywriter, 2D-Artist

Oliver Kahrmann Hello there! I'm in charge of programming for our project Avilon and go to work to bring our ideas to life with a big cup of good and strong coffee.
Every once in a while I work on the story of the Ja'Ir, the people that I created and once lived on Avilon. Spoiler Alert: The Ja'Ir will come back to Avilon later on in the course of action. Or instead of writing the story, I take my pen tablet and draft miscellaneous things like the DHELIXSoft logo and the hanging man in Hangman.
Together with Julian, I founded this group. We had the initial idea for Avilon. In the meantime, our team grew and rejoices at more creative heads.

Besides Avilon, which is still in development, I've already written a frew applications, such as Hangman, MSG and most of this website. Apart from applications, I also code miscellaneous libraries for our development.

Julian Huber - "BlackandWhite"

Game Desginer, Storywriter

Julian Huber <Description Pending>

Sarah Edelmann - "FantasyGuide"


Sarah Edelmann While the others in our team design and develop applications, I think about how to get them to crash. Tehre's nothing like testing.
When I'm not busy watching over people trying to sneak a beta version past me, I test application functionality and try to find bugs. And I make suggestions for improvements and extensions.
Also I help Oliver with the development of Lesemaus, which is currently being rewritten, by giving hints about additional functionality.
And last but not least I keep a cool head and help the developer guys stay sane.

Benjamin L??sch - "MJacred"

Game Desginer, 3D/2D-Artist, Programmer

Benjamin L??sch Hi there! Regarding our project Avilon, I'm in charge of Game Design and 3D modeling. That means drawing up concepts like the main story, character classes and the interaction with the environment, as well as the visual parts like the world itself and its entities. And bringing all of the concepts to life is mainly done by Oliver.
Although I'm a passionate programmer as well, I took on the job of looking after Game Design and 3D modeling. On the one hand, it's because we already have an excellent programmer *looking at Oliver*. On the other hand, this gives me the opportunity to let loose my imagination and to draw up lots of concepts.
Now I can create new worlds. Wild, captivating and unpredictable worlds. Full of imagination and possibilites.