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Developer Resources

In this area you will find a conglomeration of tutorials and frameworks for programmer in JAVA and some snippets for Objective-C programmer.

We want to address

With our initiative we want to create a massive conglomeration, which lectures, accompanies and helps us programmers to find our place in the huge IT world and to engage new paths in respect of efficiency, usability and diligence.

That is why every programmer out there can feel addressed about this matter of creating a massive intelligence gathering. You can post your suggestions here .

Frameworks for Java

Over the years, with increasing knowledge, you collect a lot of code fragments that are of general use and are needed frequently. Therefore we have assembled libraries to keep these fragments in one place.

dhx.util Class Library

dhx.util Class Library

1.1 (Stable) java

Oliver Kahrmann (Code) Benjamin Lösch (Code)

A collection of various classes, ready to use as a jar file.


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