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Version 0.2.2 (Alpha)

There are no downloads available for this version.


Avilon is a free-to-play and no pay-to-win MORPG in development. It will be a world which offers way more than aimless straying, boring quests and dull monster slashing to the player. We want to create a virtual world, together with you. A world which provides the player with everything he needs to let his imagination run free. At the same time we do not want to take a pass on realistic game logic.


Reality and interaction

"Reality" is by no means a reference to the reality on earth. Avilon has its very own reality. It is a reality full of magic, devices and artifacts which manipulate the physical laws, or even reality itself. There is a whole world waiting for you. A place full of mysteries and dangers. A place, where even nature itself will try to overpower you. You will notice, that we will have many twists ready for you. We will not hold your hand and guide you through a wonderland. You will be on your own, once you enter Avilon. But we give you the choice to group up with other players to form teams or guilds. If you have enough money and power, you can even build your own kingdom. And if you want to know what happened to Avilon and why there are fights everywhere you cannot stay among yourselves. You will have to go and gain the trust of the NPCs. They might not be willing to help you right away or help you at all. They will have a personality. And they will have an intelligence which will make you doubt their words and actions. Talk to them, convince them and build up a relationship. Or you are lost alone in this unpredictable and dangerous world.


Avilon Dialog System

To enable a discussion between the player and the NPC, there has to be dialogs, naturally. Currently, Benjamin is developing an editor named SECA. This editor uses a particular System called Avilon Dialog System. As a result, every answer the player gives to the NPC will change the NPC sustainably. The Avilon Dialog System complies with our philosophy of a realistic world with a strong integration of interaction.



But there is more. Additionally to the freedom of the player, there is one restriction. We have a course of action packed in a story. The story is already set. After the release of Avilon, the upcoming course of action will be written by you. We will present you many events and with each event we will give you the agony of choice. The real agony of choice, because we have really good sadists.
This description will be refined steadily, as our project progresses. It will be just a general description, though. Any specific information and the current progress will be available in our DevBlog.